We see an increase in the use of certified softcore panels in inland shipbuilding. When building the accommodations on inland vessels, we see a considerable increase in the use of certified fire-resistant panels, especially among shipping companies and the transport of dangerous goods. More and more often, the class offices impose stricter requirements on the material to be used to build accommodations on boarders.

For the transport of dangerous goods by inland waterways it is obvious that stricter guidelines are used than for regular transport, for the protection of the crew and the cargo and vice versa.

For shipping companies, in addition to meeting the stricter guidelines, one reason is that softcore panels build faster and that the accommodation for the crew can therefore be cheaper. On a ship with a varying crew, the decoration of the accommodation is of less importance than, for example, a skipper’s couple living on board.

Although accommodations built with fire-resistant panels are not as refined as a custom-built interior, it is not ugly, and it is very solid.

The panels consist of two layers of galvanized steel, which can be finished with PVC films with the color of your choice. Between the two steel layers is 25 or 50 mm of rock wool. This gives the panels excellent fire-resistant properties as well as insulating properties.

Building the accommodation on board goes smoothly and is fairly simple. The panels have a basic width of 550 mm and are placed in a profile on the floor and connected by a tongue and groove connection. The panels are available in many colors and patterns. By mounting the ceiling, of the same fire-resistant panels, between the placed walls, the entire accommodation gets its solidity. Doors are supplied as a set with frame matching the panels as part of the total package.

Basically we can design and tailor the entire accommodation from a general plan. Which means that everything is worked out, as a “Lego package”.

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